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#NYSCATE Mobile Learning Summit

February 10, 2013

NYSCATE is thrilled to announce Tony Vincent as the keynote speaker of the 2013 Mobile Learning Summit!

Tony Vincent’s interest in using technology for learning ignited while he was teaching fifth grade in Nebraska fifteen years ago, where he created one of the first classroom websites dedicated to providing opportunities for students to publish their work online. His students were each equipped with Palm handhelds in 2001 and since then Tony has been a tireless evangelist for the power of mobile learning. Tony has been a Technology Specialist, integrating technology for students and teachers in grades kindergarten through five, and developed the very first podcast from an American elementary school. Tony is now an author and independent consultant. He has worked in 37 states and on three continents. He is currently based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, and continues his mission to empower teachers and students through thoughtful use of technology. Visit his website at read his updates at

NYSCATE Mobile Learning Summit

Friday, March 22
Hamilton College

Please see registration brochure attached!  Register early as space is limited.

Click to download the following files:
» 2013 MLS Registration Brochure

via The Education Technology Maestro!


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