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NYC After School Professional Development Program – Summer Session Open Enrollment

June 1, 2012

Professional Development for Educators
Summer Session Kick Off !!
ASPDP & NaMaYaPD offering New, Online, Self-paced Professional Development Courses.
NEW “P” In-Service courses offered to all
New York City Department of Education Public Schools.  All “P” In-Service Credits earned are applicable towards your 30 and above.
More Info:
Courses begins July 2nd, 2012
Click on “Learn More” below to view course and registration details.  Seats are limited.
ASPDP – New “P” In-Service Courses Available  
What Every Teacher Should Know About Today’s Diverse Learners
Success in the classroom is not just a matter of knowing your subject; it is a matter of knowing your students.  Having a working knowledge of the human development of students in regard to mental, physical, social, and emotional development can be critical to the success of the teaching and learning experience. This course will provide teachers of any grade level and discipline with realistic information, strategies, and practices related to teaching students today, emphasizing the Children First Core principle of accountability.  Read more
Refining Best Practices in Education in Light of the 21st Century Classrooms 
In this course educators will consider “best practices” in education and specifically how the collective approach to teaching and learning is changing in light of the 21st century technology. Topics include but are not limited to educational technology leadership, the use of assistive technology, classroom management in an age of digital technology, and the use of gaming and immersive environments in education. Read more
Increasing Leadership Capacity Through Interpersonal Skills
Keeping in mind the Children First principle that states, “Those closest to the students should make the key decisions about what will best help students succeed”, teachers are increasingly called upon to initiate and support school change efforts not only in their classrooms but also in the larger school community by becoming effective teacher leaders. Further, research supports the premise that distributed leadership (leadership that includes teacher leaders within the school), improves the success rates of change efforts and is more likely to be sustained over…. Read more
What Every Teacher Should Know About the Brain and Learning
Jensen (1997, 2007) says that, “While the old academic model addressed primarily the intellectual aspects of learning, the prevailing model suggests that we learn with our mind, heart and body.  This more holistic view underscores the importance of considering all of the learner’s issues.”  Participants will look at the factors that identify being smart and the factors that label us as slow learners or overachievers. Participants will look at the factors that help students take in information at a more efficient rate and the factors that help students to retrieve information from long-term memory. Required Text: $21.95 Read more
Educational Technology Creating Authentic Learning Opportunities
Today’s teachers need to be grounded in the tools, standards, methods and perspectives that will enable them to use technology effectively, creatively and wisely with their students. Above all, they need to be able to engage today’s digital students in the use of technology in ways that are academically sound, connect to content and standards, and that bridge the worlds of school, work and home.  Required Text: $39.95
Teaching, Learning and Leading in the Urban School Setting
This course addresses specific issues and challenges faced by educators working in culturally diverse and economically depressed urban school settings.  The main components of the course include demographics of the urban community, expectations and attitudes of the urban societies, the classroom and school settings of the inner-city neighborhoods, motivational instructional strategies, relationship building in the classroom and the community, and facilitation of academic success. Read more
Digital Citizenship- Teaching Safe and Effective Use of Technology
Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool; it is a way to prepare students for a world and a society steeped technology. This course focuses on helping teachers and their students develop an understanding of technology’s opportunities and limitations. The goal of this course is to make participants conversant in the terms, perspectives and resources associated with digital citizenship in their professional practice, and to consider ways to integrate…Required Text: $39.95 Read more

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