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21st Century School Leaders – What’s in Your Toolbox? – SimpleK12

May 16, 2012

21st Century School Leaders – What’s in Your Toolbox? – SimpleK12:

Administrators are some of the busiest educators out there… they don’t really have the time to search for the BEST-of-the-BEST free web tools.  Especially when there are literally THOUSANDS to choose from.  That’s why I’ve decided to compile a list of tools that should be included in every 21st Century School Leader’s Toolbox. 
If you’re a tech savvy Principal or an Administrator that goes “ga-ga” for web tools, here’s your chance to share your favorites. Join me and have some fun while learning about the best free educational web tools for school leaders.
I’ll start us out.  Here’s my Top 10 List of Web Tools for Administrators:
  1. Google+ Hangout – Conduct virtual meetings with faculty and parents.
  2. Dropbox – Replace the filing cabinet in your office w/ this tool! Access important documents while out and about.
  3. Facebook – Keep parents, teachers and students informed with the latest news, events, activities, and general announcements.
  4. Google Docs Worksheet – Develop school schedules & have teachers comment on areas they see as problematic.
  5. Screencast-o-matic – Easily record and share videos, tutorials, announcements with school stakeholders.
  6. Twitter – Form a Personal Learning Network (PLN) by connecting globally with other administrators, while staying up-to-date on the latest in education.
  7. Google Forms – Collect classroom walk through and observation data.
  8. TitanPad – Conduct real-time collaboration with staff using this document creation site that doesn’t require registration.
  9. TED Talks – Have instant access to insightful presentations.
  10. LiveBinder – Organize all of your resources in an online 3-ring Binder.

Now it’s YOUR turn . . .

What’s missing from my list?  What else belongs in a 21st Century School Leader’s Toolbox?
Share the names of specific web tools down below in the comments.  Please explain why you have chosen the tools or how you use them.

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